Thursday, January 28, 2016

If Earl Jones is granted discovery in his DGI employment lawsuit...

His attorneys will be able to depose Zack, Jason and Hayworth etc...

DGI will move to seal everything.

Are Greensboro's taxpayers paying for the law suit?

They should be able to subpoena Nancy Vaughan's phone records.

And other stuff.

Was Jones interviewed by DGI's board, or an attorney?

If Earl was interviewed by an attorney representing the board,
who was it, and what was and wasn't asked?

Is being interviewed by an attorney trying to prevent a lawsuit
an adverse employment action before being employed?

If Zack took steps to eliminate competition
or threatened opposition as an abuse of office as a council member
for the personal gain of DGI's salary,
which Mike Barber successfully bullied a DGI employee over,
how is that not public corruption?