Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

I came up with an idea for the Guilford County Animal Shelter and sent the following e-mail to all 9 County Commissioners.

"As some of you are aware I was working to build the nation's first aquaponics school on the County owned property next door to the Agricultural Extension Offices. Well I haven't heard a word from the non profit running the project in almost 2 months so I guess it is dead. Oh well, shit happens, I've got a farm to run.

Now that you need a place to put the Animal Shelter you should all be very happy that I prevented Marty Kotis from buying it out from under everyone. After all, it would really be a shame for the County to sell property at below the market value then have to go out and buy (or God forbid) rent property for the animal shelter.
It seems like a good location to me. It's almost in the center of the county, easily accessible and well known. But I'd like to make a suggestion.
There are no pet supply stores in all of east Greensboro. As a matter of fact: unless there happens to be a pet supply store in Gibsonville (Alan?) the furthest eastward any pet supply is located in Guilford County would be Friendly Shopping Center or Lawndale Drive
Now if the County wanted to operate such a store on the same property or if the county wanted to lease space specifically to someone who would like to fulfill an RFP to run a pet supply store next door to the animal shelter I believe it could bring much needed jobs to my community along with additional revenue in which to offset the cost of running the shelter.
And just to be clear, I'm talking pet supply store, not pet store. They can buy their pets from the Guilford County Animal Shelter.

And rather than make an unnecessary trip to the courthouse to speak before a bunch of people that probably don't care what I think anyway I decided to post this e-mail to our blog at
Thanks -Billy"

Will they read it? Will they care? Will they do for East Greensboro what the City Council refuses to do? Will they prove to be more responsive than the Greensboro City Council has been? Will they show us a better way?

I donno, I've got endless ideas and ammo, I just keep shooting until something falls from the sky.