Sunday, January 3, 2016

On Greensboro's chapter of "The Tin Foil Hat Brigade"

[Most of us didn't] become a ‘dissident’
just because you decide one day to take up this most unusual career.

Most of Greensboro's chapter
isn't relatively on speaking terms with each other.

You are thrown into it by your personal sense of responsibility,
combined with a complex set of external circumstances.

Plenty of external circumstances for all

You are cast out of the existing structures
and placed in a position of conflict with them.

It began as an attempt to do the right thing, 
thinking most would rise to the occasion
which in reality rarely occurs
and certainly hasn't in Greensboro.

It begins as an attempt to do your work well,
and ends with being branded an enemy of society.


[They don't] attempt to charm the public.

He can offer, if anything, only his own skin
—and he offers it solely because he has no other way
of affirming the truth he stands for.

Most don't get past Netflix 
before going to a low paying job
to pay for more Netflix
or ESPN premium channels
or porn, or phones etc...

His actions simply articulate his dignity as a citizen,
regardless of the cost."

Vaclav Havel

I am very interested in an organized revolt


to break away from or rise against constituted authority,
as by open rebellion; cast off allegiance
or subjection to those in authority; rebel; mutiny:

Rebel against your technological indoctrination
and feel the wind blow
or the sun shine

to revolt against the present government.

Declare a mutiny 
against ridiculous higher education and healthcare costs

to affect with disgust or abhorrence

Our healthcare industry 
is a money stealing organization 
full of folks betraying oaths for profit

an expression or movement of spirited protest or dissent

Our local government
is in the business of transferring taxpayer payments
to crony capitalists who feed off unobservant masses
who don't know any better as they don't pay attention, 
and if they did, would be presented with shit for-profit journalism.

uprising, disorder, putsch

a rebellion or uprising against authority