Monday, January 25, 2016

Questions on the Kotis real estate deal etc...

Who else was the property offered to at a low price
without most knowing about the offer?

Who had the ability to offer the property at a steal
with Jim Westmoreland's okay?

Who else knew about the under the table give away
of taxpayer owned property?

Who was with Zack Matheny the night he got caught 
in the parking lot, 
relative to who just got nominated to be on DGI's board?

Was there pay to play in the Andy Zimmerman Lotus property deal?

Did someone get the shaft, 
with the okay of Nancy Vaughan and Zack Matheny
to benefit Andy at the expense of Piornack?

What did Zimmerman's deal have to do with Spice Cantina
and Nancy Hoffmann?

Isn't Piornack heavy in the Revolution Mills 
taxpayer funded give away for it and Natty Greene's
with another couple million thrown in for the Phillips Avenue project?

Did Don hire a PI to follow Nancy?

What does Costa Rica have to do with it?

Who screwed Roy Carroll, Robbie Perkins and Nathan Duggins
among others out of the Kotis real estate deal?

What does Say Yes to Education have to do with it?

Was the Kotis real estate deal a payoff
for help in last year's redistricting fight
and election results?

Did Mary get paid off with a slush job
to keep her mouth shut?

Would a prepared food tax to pay for the STPAC shortfalls
be regressive?

If City Council passes a regressive tax 
to pay for discretionary spending for STPAC as the economy tanks, 
poorer citizens in Greensboro will pay for for STPAC shortfalls
instead of our wealthy patrons etc...
who won't have to pay as much because it's a sales tax 
as opposed to an income tax or increased property tax

to pay for STPAC shortfalls for Greensboro's 1%?

"'Regressive Tax'

A tax that takes a larger percentage from low-income people
than from high-income people.

A tax that takes a larger percentage of the income
of low-income people than of high-income people. hits lower-income individuals harder.

Sales taxes...are generally considered to be regressive
...because expenses for food, clothing and shelter
tend to make up a higher percentage
of a lower income consumer's overall budget.

If City Council proposes a prepared food tax
to make up for STPAC shortfalls,
they will have stolen from our community's poorest
to provide the wants of our most wealthy

...even though the tax may be uniform (such as 7% sales tax),
lower income consumers are more affected by it
because they are less able to afford it.

Are the Spice Cantina folks paying on the loan
provided by Greensboro's taxpayers,
as Nick Piornack got his on the Revolution Mills incentives?

...a regressive tax imposes a greater burden (relative to resources)
on the poor than on the rich
— there is an inverse relationship between the tax rate
and the taxpayer's ability to pay
as measured by assets, consumption, or income.

Did Nick Piornack 
receive a commission for the Revolution Mills 
incentive grants?

Regressive taxes tend to reduce the tax incidence
of people with higher ability-to-pay,
as they shift the incidence disproportionately to those
with lower ability-to-pay.

'Regressive Tax'"

Is Jim Westmoreland a TREBIC pawn?

Who was with Zack Matheny the night he got arrested
other than John Lomax and Sam Simpson
who just banked it on Megasite real estate commissions?

Didn't John Lomax just get re-appointed to DGI's board

by Nancy Vaughan?

Why is Nancy living with her mother?

I remember hearing this song at a Pizza Hut before being sent away to boarding school by my parents, who didn't understand how many times I listened to it on our Magnavox record cabinet in our basement.

Coldest winter of my life.