Thursday, January 28, 2016

So What's The Hold-up, Grasshopper?

5359 Union Out Of Square, December 30, 2015, Billy Jones

5389 Eric Robert lawsuit, January 14, 2016, Salvador Leone

5394 Eric Robert lawsuit email search, January, 14, 2016, Roch Smith Jr

All three of those are unanswered public information requests to the City of Greensboro concerning the lawsuit filed by Eric Robert, owner of the Old Mill on South Elm St, against the City of Greensboro. There could be more I'm unaware of.

This is easily verified by checking the open requests at the City's online PIRT system.

These delays in responses to public information requests are once again becoming ridiculous.

The City is asking the court to deny Mr Robert his right to a jury trial. The City is deliberately withholding public information that the City should already have available and at their fingertips because the attorney for Mr Robert requested that the same said information be made available for Mr Robert's trial.

Do you think the citizens of Greensboro cannot see through this, Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan? Do you think the voters don't know you are trying to save your own ass? You weren't even Mayor when the event took place and yet somehow you ended up covering up for someone else.

Well I've got news for you Dear Grasshopper, you cannot drink enough alcohol and take enough Xanax to make it all go away and Donald, being a smart lawyer and all... it is going to be hard to get enough money out of him to pay for a discrete stay in some far away rehab center. Looks like it's Daymark for you.

And while the doctors and therapists are bound to secrecy the poor working class patients, most without a penny to their name, aren't bound to secrecy and could care less about a rich bitch who put herself there by screwing the poor.

Meanwhile: Amnesia reigns, local reporters’ brains rot from boosterism infection