Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Rest Of The Zack Matheny Story

Ever wonder how I came to get the files I used to break the story that ultimately got Jason Cannon fired from Downtown Greensboro Inc.?

"Don t worry Roch, Zack will send you an email shortly to try and appease you…but don’t worry too much about him, rumors are that he will not survive what is coming down…Jason Cannon, Cyndy Hayworth and many others he pissd off along the way are about to tell their stories. They will recount in details some of our elected officials’ corruption and their “will stop at nothing” ways to get Zack nominated. Of course Jason signed an agreement that prevents him from talking in exchange for his full two years salary, but a subpoena in a court case will bypass that…and then there is Jason’s resume, how did it leave the DGI’s personnel files and ended up in my posession?"

Continue reading at  The Downtown Insurgency.

It's over Zack, say goodbye to that 3 figure salary.