Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"The [STPAC] project, currently budgeted at $78.1 million"

65 = 78.1 = $13.1 million

As construction costs plummeted, the price went up 20%?

Really, the question is how stupid is anyone who believes this shit

How easily are you fooled, or do you just not care?

How big of a moronic community is Greensboro, North Carolina?

How financially illiterate is our press?

How sold out is Tony Wilkins?

When did Justin Outling choose to sell his soul?

How disappointed can we get with Sharon Hightower?


What is the $78.1 million number based upon Matt Brown?


How much will Brady Trane make on the deal?

How much will Lomax Construction make?

David Hagan already got his taste.

Walker Sanders CFGG has already profited.

DH Griffin was paid to knock everything down.

Who get's the construction contracts?

Who makes the RFP decisions?

Is our community this collectively fucking stupid?

Thanks News and Record and Roy's Rhino.

If there's a hell, Roy Carroll, John Hammer, Brian Clarey, Eric Ginsberg
Chuck Womack, Joe Killian and Jeff Gauger etc... should get first class tickets.

You let pay to play crony capitalism take over Greensboro

Fuck you for betraying your profession.

This one is yours Nancy Vaughan and Jim Westmoreland.

Not only did you use a taxpayer owned property as a gift
for Marty Kotis,
you lied your way into a white elephant of a PAC
while Greensboro's press let you off the hook.

Now that you're re-elected going into a global recession,
when the tide of easy money goes out,
you'll be standing naked and alone as those who profited
recede out of sight.