Thursday, January 14, 2016

Updated;This is what selling a property to Greensboro's biggest campaign donor reads like

Notice there are never any specific denials or even counter arguments from the News and Record or the Rhino Times?

Notice these fine folks haven't filed any legal actions?

They won't defend their own honor as they have none.

It's a sad thing for our community to have such people be in charge of truthful information dissemination

This is what's wrong with our country
31. ID 16-0010; Resolution Authorizing the Sale of the Dorothy Bardolph Human Services Center Property Located at 301 South Church Street
They probably won't even say Marty Kotis' name.

There probably won't be any discussion.

There probably won't be any news story from the News and Record.

There probably won't be...

We deserve the elected officials we got.

We don't deserve our news industry

Fuck John Hammer for turning into a complete coward.

Fuck Jeff Gauger, Joe Killian and the rest at the News and Record very much
for lying to their readers with so many omissions

Fuck the apathetic silent masses who don't care
even though most have no idea what's actually happening,
as those who do know relatively haven't done jack shit.

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I've been where that's the floor btw.

Rode in from Silver Springs, Maryland on a 1978 Honda 750k model motorcycle

Didn't have a motorcycle licence or insurance
with a 'borrowed' tag while working for a law firm

Worked in the same building as Sugar Ray Leonard's Eye surgeon

Why arn't Independents represented on television?

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