Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Why should a community in stagnation subsidize Marty Kotis, who, according to Roy Carroll's Rhino Times, is worth more than $100,000,000, whose new projects take business away from the less connected?

This City Council takes food off the plates of Roy and Marty's competitors with everyone else's tax money.

They have no right to do so.
Meanwhile, hundreds if not thousands of Guilford County unemployed Childless Adults are Losing SNAP Benefits as City Council gives away real estate to Marty Kotis

In both Roy and Marty's cases, they set up misperception agreed to by City management and City Council votes, which will force those down the street who are going to lose money to pay for Kotis' profit with their tax dollars, with the help of the press.

Kotis got another $30,000 for fees last year the City Attorney said he could not legally receive, City Council voted for it and Joe Killian didn't report a fraud committed upon Greensboro's taxpayers by City Council, City staff and Marty Kotis.

When Marty came back for more because of "unknown" fees and "inflation" for water and sewer, City Council, on video, figured out how to fraudulently funnel him the money under a different set of auspices for a multimillionaire at the expense of Greensboro's taxpayers .

It was a fraud upon taxpayers by both Kotis, City Council members who vote for it, and the city staff who let it get to a vote, and now he is going to get another one.
If the News & Record didn't report City Council handing 2013's biggest contributor taxpayer monies in a clearly unethical way, what is there reporting worth?

At this point they have as much credibility than Roy's John Hammer.
These are the same people who let Zack Matheny pre-apply for Downtown Greensboro's CEO job as a sitting City Councilman, who voted to fund DGI's giveaways to DGI's members, many of whom have contributed to Zack Matheny's campaigns, and the News & Record's editorial department supported it, and now advocates Zack's lobbying efforts to transfer wealth from everyone else into the pockets of those worth more than $100,000,000?

Do you think it's okay to get someone fired and take their place?

Zack Matheny violated his oath of office by applying for the job as a sitting council member.

The rest of City Council didn't have a problem with it.

If no one else on the City Council has a problem with it, something is very wrong with Greensboro's City Council.

I guess they think that because Mike Barber can make money off taxpayers with First Tee of the Triad at a City owned and operated golf course, it's okay for Zack to get a taxpayer funded gig he voted to preserve for himself.

Maybe they believe that if Mayor Nancy Vaughan can make money from Greensboro's taxpayers
funneled to her husband Don via free methane for Wilbur Ross while Nancy served on the Solid Waste Committee, it was okay for Zack to unfairly use his position as City Council member to land the top DGI job, and now it's okay for Marty to take some taxpayer owned real estate for a third of its value.

I raised the methane issue tens of times without objection from the mayor and without the Greensboro's News and Record reporting it after being informed in 2013.

They didn't mind letting a fellow Council member taking advantage of DGI funding after Nancy Hoffmann used her position to benefit herself via DGI's handouts to her tenants and business partners, whose Spice Cantina went under without the News and Record reporting the story.

Maybe Greensboro's City Council is just comprised of a bunch of crooks and accomplices who either are too stupid or don't care enough to object.

Maybe some apologists who benefit from taxpayer handouts say something like "that's just the way it is" to justify this blatant crony capitalism while enjoying the benefits of taxpayer subsidization of their revenue streams.

Greensboro's News and Record, Yes Weekly, Triad City Beat and the Rhino Times share in responsibility for the sorry state of our local political dysfunction via lies of omission and propaganda.

Our community has been betrayed, which financially benefited many on City Council and their "supporters", with allocations of everyone else's money to a small circle of "friends".

We're paying for it.

Other small businesses lose because of it.

Our biggest hurdle is a compromised press.

If they don't report what is actually happening, its going to get worse.