Saturday, February 27, 2016

Anyone Know Dave Marcone?

He's the owner of Allgood Construction and he recently sent the following letter to the editor of the Greensboro News & Fishwrap:

"You have to wonder: Was Minister Ron Tuck’s explanation of what’s wrong with homeless folks a Machiavellian effort to bring the spotlight more to bear on the plight of so many of our citizens (letter, Feb. 11)? I’ve lost count of the number of published letters talking about our homeless problem, and expressing anger at, and disdain for, Tuck’s take on things. It’s good that so many people are concerned and understand what the real issues are. But I think I missed, in the letters I read, any offers to help the homeless. I will now do more."

If you lived in Greensboro and turned on a television in the last 40 years or so you've seen advertisements for Allgood Construction which is owned by Dave Marcone.

I'm not trying to call Mr Marcone out but if he really wants to help then I've got an idea I'd like to share with him. That's why I left the following reply on the News & Fishwrap website.

"So Dave,since you've said you will now do more, would you like to talk about how your business, Allgood Construction Company could help start a revolutionary new way to help solve Greensboro's homelessness problems that doesn't involve padding the pockets of Greensboro's elites, puts Greensboro's working class in steady jobs and provides a route to home ownership rather than a lifetime of renting and a constant cycle of rent to homeless to rent to homeless again and again?

If yes then get in touch, "

If you know Dave or might know someone who does know him I'd appreciate you passing this message along. Of course, if Dave isn't familiar with my activism and political rants you might want to make him aware of it but seriously, my only interest in Dave is that he expressed interest and the fact that he and his people have the actual skills necessary to do the job.

Besides, I'm not talking about non profits siphoning money off the public, I'm talking about something that could potentially make Dave and a lot of other people in Greensboro a lot of well deserved money and provide much needed jobs while getting people off the streets forever.

Please, share this post and let Dave know I'm looking to get up with him.