Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Did Guilford Green Foundation hire Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan to be a lobbyist?

"Nancy Vaughan Named Guilford Green Foundation Executive Director

Vaughan will lead effort to create LGBT Center

“Nancy has been a tremendous leader in Greensboro and we believe she will be a tremendous asset as we all work together to create a new LGBT Center in Greensboro,” said GGF Board Co-Chair Jeff Smith.

Over the next several months Guilford Green Foundation, under Vaughan’s leadership, will engage the community seeking ideas and input for the development of Greensboro’s first LGBT Center.

"Engage" as in lobby
for an organization which isn't the City of Greensboro
while serving as mayor

The LGBT Center would engage, empower, and advocate on behalf of LGBT people and
their allies and connect the community to diverse opportunities and resources.

As a lobbyist who just happens to be Greensboro's mayor
who is going to "connect the community to diverse opportunities and resources" 
at the same time, as a lobbyist

“I have always been impressed by the people behind Guilford Green Foundation and plan to hit the ground running,” says Vaughan. “By harnessing the unique power of Greensboro’s diversity,the foundation has unlimited potential.”

In addition to her new role as GGF executive director, Vaughan will also continue to serve as Mayor of Greensboro.

Should the mayor of Greensboro 
work as a lobbyist while serving as an elected official?

Guilford Green Foundation has been working since 1995 to courageously unite community by fostering organizations that advance LGBT persons and issues. Guilford Green Foundation works to promote diversity and inclusiveness throughout the LGBT community and the greater Guilford County community by raising and distributing funds for LGBT organizations and programs and growing an endowment to sustain funding for these purposes."

Mary Vigue gets the Say Yes Guilford non-profit gig, Zack gets DGI's non-profit gig ,
as Mike Barber makes money off of poor black kids
via First Tee of the Triad's non-profit gig

"LGBT activists oppose Guilford Green Foundation's hiring of mayor

"As part of her position she would spearhead and lead the effort for the LGBTQ center in Greensboro as a person who is not part of our community," Cession said. "If that were to happen in any other community it would be well understood why there would be objections to someone from outside of your community taking a leadership role in creating something for your community."

..."At a time when Guilford Green is really looking to make its mark on Greensboro and at a time when we're hopefully going to have a center in our city that is diverse and inclusive of all someone with her acumen, relationships she brings to the table and the work she's done wit he LGBT community make her an excellent candidate for that position," Sgro said.
The creation of an LGBT center in Greensboro could be a great opportunity for more community dialogue, Cession said - but the hiring of a straight, white, non-transgender person to helm that effort gets the endeavor off on a bad foot."...

Guilford Green Foundation's IRS 990 form;

2014 Contributions and Grants; $260,433

Prior Year; $145,685

The return shows lobbying costs;


Think most of the folks who contributed the money 
want someone who's not gay to run the organization,
making more than everyone else?