Monday, February 8, 2016

Downsized Union Square

Just got the following e-mail in reply to a more than month long public information request I sent to the City of Greensboro concerning Union Square, the South Elm Redevelopment Project and the lawsuit filed against the City by Eric Robert:

"Hello Mr. Jones,

Thank you for your public records request (PIRT 5359) for records of what the City received or spent on the South Elm Street redevelopment project.

Please find the attached record which was also presented to the Court in the matter regarding the same property.

I hope this is helpful to you.


Katherine Carter, Public Records Administrator
Communications and Marketing Department - 336-373-3282
City of Greensboro
PO Box 3136, Greensboro, NC 27402-3136"


If by chance you are like me you probably found the attachment too small to read. I wonder if it was presented to the court in this fashion. I decided to e-mail Ms Carter back.

"Ms Carter,
For starters, this is too small to be read even after expanding the text.
Secondly, this isn't my complete request. I asked for the following:

"Union Out Of Square

My latest PIRT (Public Information Request) to the City of Greensboro:
I would like copies of all the monies the City of Greensboro received or spent on the South Elm Street redevelopment project as mentioned in the following News & Record article:

All receipts
All receipts payable
All receipts due

And as you are already gathering this same said information I foresee no problem with your being able to produce said receipts and billing info on or before 10:00 AM Monday morning.

Thanks -Billy Jones"

As was previously noted here: and in the City of Greensboro PIRT System on the screen grab I have attached showing the PIRT on the City of Greensboro PIRT system. 

 As you can see I clearly asked for copies and not an executive summary or list of expenditures.

Someone had to have the receipts in order to compile the list. These receipts are public record. Tell them to make copies of everything and send them to me.

Thanks again.
 Please reopen this PIRT and do not ignore this e-mail as you have done others in the past.

-Billy Jones"

Once again, the City of Greensboro Communications and Marketing Department operates as if they've something to hide.  And in this instance we are talking a case that involves Federal funding-- will the FBI finally step in?