Monday, February 15, 2016

Greensboro Makes Things Happen With Lies And Corruption

This morning I was pointed to an article in American Infrastructure Magazine titled Greensboro Makes Things Happen by Greensboro City Manager Jim Westmoreland. My comment which as of this posting remains in moderation there:

“The Community Foundation is working to fulfill the final wishes of Carolyn Weill LeBauer who left the bulk of her estate for the creation of a significant new public park for Greensboro.”

Carolyn Weill LeBauer instructed that her park could be built anywhere in Greensboro. Walker Sanders of the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro intentionally mislead the Greensboro City Council into believing her will required the park be built downtown. City Councilwoman Marikay Abuzuaiter exposed this fraud by Walker Sanders.

This is part of the intentional and planned gentrification of Downtown Greensboro. Poor people and minorities are being forced out. The new LeBauer park will be privately owned by the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro and replaces Freedom Park, a City owned park that was on the same site. They are building a private playground for the rich on land given to them by the Greensboro City Council.

The City is hiding $27 Million Dollars in costs for the Steven B. Tanger Center for the Performing Arts which will have to be paid by taxpayers despite the fact that the city says otherwise.

Greensboro’s Union Square Campus is mired in law suits and cover-ups. The City refuses to answer public information requests for receipts.

All these things I’ve stated can be easily verified. If there are any real journalist working for American Infrastructure Magazine I recommend you check it out and do what good journalists do. If you need help I can point you to sources.

We are not anti-growth, we are anti lies and corruption."

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 S McWhite commented there: and e-mailed her comment to me.
"Been here for six years and haven’t seen much of that growth this article talks about. A whole 160 jobs? With the population of Greensboro? Downtown is quiet and driving down there unless there’s some specific event going on you don’t see much happening. The Tanger Center is a waste of money and will only benefit those who can afford to go there which leaves out a big part of the population. We are number one for children going hungry and we’re worried about a performing arts center? We have homeless with nowhere to go, food deserts and people who can’t find a decent job but hey we need a giant building for artists to perform. Our priorities are not where they should be.

Susan McWhite"