Thursday, February 18, 2016

Greensboro's War Of The Titans

Roy Carroll has John Hammer taking shots at Marty Kotis and Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan is caught in the crossfire:

"Mayor Nancy Vaughan said that several changes to the original zoning ordinance amendment had been proposed, which was the reason the item had been continued on Feb. 2.  

She said, “They [Kotis Properties] had submitted some changes and during the two weeks decided to drop the changes.”  Evidently, dropping the changes was a good idea because you can’t get much more approval than an ordinance amendment passing without any questions from the council, or even a presentation by staff.  Three speakers did speak in favor of the zoning ordinance amendment, including one speaking for the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress.

But it still seems odd that this City Council, which usually crows about any item that might be considered economic development, was silent about the announced $50 million project that this zoning ordinance amendment makes possible, and which the developer has been working for a year to get passed.

The silence may be because the City Council had taken some heat for recently selling the Dorothy Bardolph building to Kotis for less than the appraised value.  Kotis was the only bidder on the property and several people involved in commercial real estate downtown said they had no idea the building was for sale until after it was sold.  Even councilmembers who supported the sale agreed that the city needed to do a better job of advertising property it had for sale."

Funny, I recently made a mockery of the city's sales of municipal properties in my series, Robbie Perkins Strikes Back.
My advice to Mayor Vaughan: You can't win when everyone is against you. Get in your car, drive away from your new home at 1617 Wilton Drive to the top of the Greene Street Parking Garage, park your car, get out then look to the east. Can you see a single working class person who has benefited from your time as Mayor of Greensboro? No? Then jump to the street below.

At least then the City and County will either build those suicide fences or invest in mental health and health care services in your memory. You'll be a hero to future generations who see your name on public buildings. The Greensboro News & Record, the Rhino Times, Yes Weekly and Triad City Beat will all do stories about how you were so devastated about your recent break-up with Donald and how the prenuptial agreement you signed left you with far too little money to make ends meet on the $14,500 a year a Greensboro Mayor earns. Thus the reason you had to take that job with the Guilford Green Foundation even though you'd been telling people you wanted more time to spend with your daughter than being Mayor allowed. Politics and corruption will never be mentioned. At least then you will finally have done something to help the working classes.
You'll die a martyr and no longer will you be caught in the middle. You'll prove me wrong on everything.