Monday, February 29, 2016


"...We took the collateral winnings of World War II and poured it into a suburban sprawl alt-universe so depressing that our citizens are the most over-medicated people in the world.

At artificially high prices
compliments of bought and paid for politicians
like Greensboro's City Council
who provide profits to local 'special interests'
with everyone else's money

"...The cheering “folks” marshaled out in the Piggly Wiggly parking lots are so buzzed on Klonopin and Zoloft that they can’t tell how these [establishment politicians] epitomize the very forces behind their pharmaceutically-masked despair.

...A nation sunk in such falsity is sure to suffer life-threatening blowback and it looks like the first thing to go will be the life of the political parties. Both Democrats and Republicans have gone full Whig, riding into the 2016 election on the garbage barge of history.

...perhaps this is America’s true imperial moment, when all party politics surrenders to the pre-tsunami undertow of events. None of the idiot network commentators or Wash-Po or NY Times columnists seem to notice that the global economy is sinking into a coma, and in so doing is igniting cluster-bombs of default through the financial system.

It's not in Warren Buffett's, or Jeff Bezos etc... best interests
as owners of the press 
to inform the population of the true state of affairs

...Yeats’s widening gyre is upon us.

The biggest surprise of all yet-to-come is that television will fail to explain it. 

The second coming will not be the reappearance of the celebrity known as Jesus Christ, but rather of the event called the American Civil War."