Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Milton Kern's Latest Scam

Recently articles started appearing in some of our local main stream media publications about downtown developer Milton Kern wanting to convert the old Guilford County Jail to a homeless shelter. As always, when Milton Kern's name is involved with taxpayer funded projects people can't help but be alarmed.

But alas, as is usually the case we are never told the whole story in these accounts. A recent Facebook conversation with Guilford County Commissioner Alan Branson reveled that the Guilford County Sheriff's Department still uses the old jail building 7 days a week so currently selling "the old jail" which is still being used as a jail 5 days a week as a means to move prisoners to trial via way of the tunnel under Eugene Street which connects the jail to the Guilford County Courthouse is not an option the County is currently able to consider: https://www.facebook.com/ecpaintinganddrywall/posts/1019587884780250?pnref=story

 And this:

As always, my thanks to Commissioner Alan Branson for clearing this up and doing what neither the City of Greensboro nor our local main stream media outlets have chosen to do. Please, while wanting to help the homeless is a good idea always be wary of any man who previously tried to swindle the taxpayers out of $1.9 Million Dollars and spread the truth to all concerned.