Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Nearly 9,000 food stamp recipients in Guilford County could lose their benefits April 1 unless they can show they’re working, volunteering or attending classes for 20 hours a week."

Feel safe in Downtown Greensboro lately?

Wait until after April 1, 2016

Center City Park is beautiful after 9pm

The $10 million Lebauer Park which Greensboro's taxpayers have to keep up
is going to be frequented by hungry homeless folks
right next to a shiny new $78 million performing arts center 
which will be right next to one of the poorest, most violent areas 
in the state of North Carolina during the coming depression

But Greensboro's elite can use the waiting area for parties
while the riff raff stare in through the panoramic windows
before being shooed away by taxpayer funded security