Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Read it and weep for our community; "Weekly Hammer: Feb. 4, Business-Unfriendly Staff Needs Attitude Adjustment" by John "Roy's Boy" Hammer

"...Assistant City Manager David Parrish said some changes were being made to try and make the city more business friendly for developers. have new jobs means you have to have new buildings, or at least renovate the buildings that we do have for new purposes.  Whatever the route taken, we aren’t going to have more jobs without more construction.


But according to contractors and developers who refuse to speak on the record for fear of retribution, Greensboro is one of the most difficult towns in which to build in the state.

Says John Hammer's boss Roy Carroll and Roy Carroll's employees and friends,
represented on City Council by Nancy Vaughan, Tony Wilkins, Nancy Hoffmann, 
Mike Barber, Justin Outling, Jamal Fox, Yvonne Johnson and Marikay Abuzuaiter

The city’s plan to make things better, as outlined by Parrish, is to add a couple of employees and redecorate the area where people come for plan approval.

Two employees paid for by Greensboro's taxpayers
for the benefit of Roy Carroll, as enabled by John Hammer
and Roy's Rhino Times fascist propaganda machine

It is an awful looking space, ...It is a very secure space but not very inviting.

...The problem is the attitude of the employees.  It is not an attitude of “how can we help” but “how can we hinder.”

One developer said that one of the things that drove him crazy was that if you got your plans signed off by all the departments except one, and then made the adjustments that the one department asked for, the plans had to go all the way around to every department again to get approved.

Said Roy Carroll

...He said that he was convinced that his plans would be going around and around forever.

Said Roy Carroll

...He said that each delay cost him money, but there was no sense of urgency by the city staff.  If it took three weeks or more to get a simple set

of plans for a building similar to buildings approved and built all over the country, that was OK with them.

Said Roy Carroll

The city doesn’t need more employees; they need employees with a different attitude...

Said Tony Wilkins' boss problem is that you can’t fire city employees except, sometimes, if they commit a felony or two at work. doesn’t matter if you fire some employees in the department because the leadership of the department has an anti-business attitude.

John Hammer via Roy Carroll asking for terminations
in Roy's paper by an anonymous source
who is most likely Roy Carroll

You can’t fire city employees but you can transfer them...

John Hammer via Roy Carroll asking for City employee tranfers
in Roy's paper by an anonymous source who is most likely Roy Carroll
who wants compliantly crooked City staff to handle his deals 
in front of all the other developers

...The City Council can’t solve this problem, but their employee, City Manager Jim Westmoreland, could.  He solved a similar problem with public records.

Which sucks,
as Jim Westmoreland is in Roy Carroll's pocket
who didn't solve shit with public records,
but hands everything John Hammer needs asap doesn’t make any difference that the city manager and the assistant city managers want plans approved and inspections performed in a timely manner.  As long as the heads of those departments have the attitude that it is not their job to be customer friendly, it doesn’t matter if the city adds 20 or 50 people to those departments.  All adding more employees will do at this point is increase the number of people who can reject a project.

It's really about kissing Roy Carroll's ass before everyone else's
because he owns the Rhino Times 
which can publicly complain about his less than spectacular corporate performance

Nothing will change unless the City Council insists that the city manager make some changes in top personnel.

It is a case where the city needs to hire new people with an attitude of customer service and not promote those from within who have grown accustomed to the way things are done now.

...there is no telling how many projects are not being built simply because the builders and developers aren’t willing to go through the hassle

of dealing with Greensboro’s entrenched bureaucracy.  These same builders and developers can go to a nearby city with an attitude of customer service and build the same project with less frustration and less expense.  So why should they build here?

But if the City Council doesn’t act it will be the same old, same old and Greensboro will continue to be left behind as our sister cities in the
state continue to grow."
Looks like Roy wants to get rid of Kenney McDowell, Sue Schwartz, Barbara Harris, Steve Drew and Dale Wyrick, and replace them with some yes folks who take orders from above;