Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Show Me The Robots

Here's a video showing the many robots used in the production of the Tesla S. Other modern automobiles are built in much the same way

And from today's Wall Street Journal, Five Trends That Will Shape the Future of the U.S. Economy:

"5. Economists remain puzzled by a yearslong productivity slump and are looking at how new technologies might help spur innovation and productivity growth.

One area of attention is robotics. Their use has accelerated on the factory floor, especially in the automotive sector, which has also raised concerns about whether they will displace—and not just complement—human workers."

Yet Randolph Community College offers zero courses in robotics. 

And Guilford Technical Community College offers zero courses in robotics.

Which leads one to wonder: Are Guilford and Randolph economic planners being forthright when the tell us the purpose of the Guilford-Randolph Megasite is to attract an automaker to the Piedmont Triad?

Who will build, service and repair the robots and where will those persons come from? Certainly not from out existing local work force. After all, that seems to be pretty much the only job available in a modern auto plant and our technical schools are busy training people for minimum wage, entry level jobs in landscape maintenance and restaurant work.