Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs, Part 2

Yesterday I began this series with Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs, Part 1 in which I pointed out that Greensboro City Attorney Thomas Carruthers was a tax cheat who was ordered to pay almost $20,000 to the IRS in 2007.

It makes sense that a crooked city council would hire a lawyer of questionable background as such a lawyer wouldn't be able to find a job anywhere else and would say and do anything to keep his job.

Today I present to you the March 11, 2005 Bankruptcy Filings of Thomas D and Elizabeth Britt Carruthers in which Mr Carruthers run out on what might be as much as $677,222.oo including money owed to my 90 year old Aunt Dorothy who is widowed and living on Social Security.

Aunt Dorothy is one of the sweetest, most gentle and loving people you have ever met. She wiped my uncle's butt when he was dying and too sick to take care of himself. My Uncle Elmo was a WW2 Veteran, a member of an elite group of paratroopers called the Pathfinders who jumped at Normandy the night before the famous D-Day Invasion of Germany in the first ever night jump in the history of military warfare. Uncle Elmo was shot that night while trying to get his parachute out of a tall pine tree, left for dead by the Germans and almost bled to death before being found and cut down from the tree by US forces over 24 hours later. Over 200 Pathfinders jumped that night and less than 30 came home, almost all of them wounded in action. And Thomas Carruthers ripped-off Uncle Elmo's widow!

Uncle Elmo had previously fought as a paratrooper in North Africa and Italy.

This is family, this is getting personal. First the sorry bastard Tom Carruthers rips-off my family and then he tries to hide it.

In case you're wondering why no one ever reported this before well this time I'm going to let the local media off the hook. You see, Thomas Carruthers had his attorney file the case in Eastern District Court in Raleigh so the local media outlets wouldn't pick up on it.

Now Mr Carruthers could have filed a Chapter 11 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy which allows for reorganization of his business and personal finances so that he can do the right thing and eventually pay off everyone he owes money to but instead the lowlife skum chose to rip-off my Aunt Dorothy and everyone else he owed money to by filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy instead.

Stay tuned for Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs, Part 3.

And folks, please share, the world needs to know the kind of skum that fills the highest positions at the City of Greensboro.