Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs, Part 6

You know what I love best about our readers here at EzGreensboro.com? They don't assume we are the final authority on anything we write. Take for instance my series Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs.Since I started writing the series the tips just keep rolling in. My readers don't assume I have it all, they send it to RecycleBill@gmail.com 

In  Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs, Part 5 I asked the question:

 "How do you buy a new home while still in a bankruptcy proceeding and still owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to innocent victims of your fraud? And how do you live with running out on all those people who counted on you?"

Well now the question gets even bigger. You see, thanks to an EzGreensboro reader we now know that Mr and Mrs Carruthers also bought a beach house on Oak Island in Brunswick County, North Carolina.

Now I could be wrong but it looks to me as if Tom and Elizabeth bought the land in 1998, before the bankruptcy, hid it from the 2005 bankruptcy court and built a new house there in 2013. If that's the case then we're looking at fraud. And if a licensed practicing attorney and member of the North Carolina Bar were to be convinced of fraud the NC Bar would have no choice but to remove that attorney's license to practice law. Being that Mr Carruthers has yet to contact me to explain all this perhaps he'd like to now? And a smart city council would immediately place Mr Carruthers on suspension pending an investigation. Especially after myself and others personally e-mailed city council to make them aware of the issue.

Amazingly our Mayor Vaughan and her Lawyer husband Donald Vaughan also own a beach house in Brunswick County. Birds of a feather?

Now I can't be sure but best I can gather, Tom's wife, Elizabeth Carruthers is a public school teacher at Erwin Montessori school on Bessemer Avenue, built upon the same plot of ground where Tom's father, the late Senator Joseph T Carruthers Jr graduated from Bessemer High School.

Perhaps Mr Carruthers will contact me to set the record straight before I go on to  Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs, Part 7.