Friday, February 19, 2016

Video Of Who Doing What?

I thought now might be a good time to revisit Fec's post Zack Matheny is Still Drinking
and examine what is written there. He begins with this:

"One of the final votes in last summer’s session of the General Assembly was approval of the budget which included legislation inserted by Senator Trudy Wade affecting management of municipal service districts and especially Downtown Greensboro Inc.  Since then, no local media has reported this fact, which in itself is an unethical act of collusion.
 The city put up a website two weeks ago announcing a survey and drop-in meetings.  This stunt was first introduced during the CFGG’s effort to build the IGMFUPAC.  These drop-in meetings are tactics to isolate speakers from each other and thereby manage the process.  This is what passes for community involvement from a fascist government."

He's right you know. As a matter of fact, was the first locally to report of the changes affecting management of service districts and do date the only other one to report it has been Fec himself unless you count Facebook or some blog I might have missed.

And when it comes to those drop-in meetings... again, he is dead on. They're a sham.

Fec goes on to talk about how Zack orchestrated the ouster of 2 DGI heads, is now fighting to save his own job after producing nothing tangible and is now drinking again. Then he goes on to write:

"So, here it is.  DGI terminates Zack Matheny’s employment for moral turpitude or I start publishing video."

But you know, it's really no surprise that Zack continues to drink and as long as Zack's wife continues to pick him up from the bar Zack's breaking no laws so that leaves one to wonder: videos of what, videos of who? Or videos of who doing what?

And maybe, just maybe Zack Methany isn't the one in the videos.