Monday, March 7, 2016

Associated Press misleads for Wall Street; "Correction: Primary-Council Of State story"; Don't expect the News and Record to tell anyone in print

"RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — In a story Feb. 27 about primary elections for statewide Council of State offices, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the political arm of the State Employees Association of North Carolina endorsed Dan Blue III in the Democratic Party contest for state treasurer. 

The group instead endorsed his opponent, Ron Elmer."

Greensboro's News and Record represents the best interests of Wall Street
as opposed to "more than 900,000 North Carolina teachers, state employees, 
firefighters, police officers and others"


The treasurer's primary job is overseeing and investing public employee pension funds for more than 900,000 North Carolina teachers, state employees, firefighters, police officers and others valued at about $87 billion. He or she also controls the health insurance program for state employees, teachers and retirees.

The News and Record and other Warren Buffett owned news outlets
are going to try to take down Ron Elmers for Wall Street profit
instead of more money in North Carolina employee pockets

Republican Dale Folwell faces no primary opposition. He'll face the winner between bond lawyer Dan Blue III of Raleigh or Ron Elmer of Cary..."

Dan Blue is on bond lawyer.

How clueless is anyone who endorses a lobbyist for NC Treasurer?

Most of the state's sold out press like Greensboro's News and Record
Charlotte Observer; "Our choices for N.C. treasurer"; Where is Greensboro News and Record's endorsement for treasurer?
What do all these fine folks want to get out of Dan Blue being North Carolina's Treasurer?

NC Treasurer Janet Cowell Contributions; "Law Firms Seek Cut of State Pension Litigation" and Pay to Play

Sound Familiar?; Who do you think Greensboro's News and Record is going to endorse?
Copy the Federal Thrift Savings Plan, 
the same proposal from Greensboro's 2013 mayoral race
which the News and Record and the Triad Business Journal didn't report on;

Comments at Greensboro's City Council Meeting on NC State's 401(k) plan and ICMA's 457 plan

...In 2010, Galliard Capital Management, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo, started managing portions of North Carolina's 401(k) and 457 retirement plan's Stable Value Funds, and then hired Wells Fargo to do the same, which appears to mask underlying costs taken from state employees accounts and funneled to Galliard's parent company.

The State Employees Association found that North Carolina's pension doesn't disclose underlying hedge “funds of funds” fees.

In 2013, North Carolina State 401(k) and 457 target date funds, which are also like stable value or fund of funds, replaced two index funds with higher cost alternatives. The fees for the international allocation more than doubled and small cap fund costs about quadrupled.

Jeff Gauger, Stephen Doyle, Allen Johnson and Doug Clark 
are going to maximize Warren Buffett's profits
at the expense of North Carolina employees

Galliard, owned by Wells Fargo, North Carolina Stable Value Fund Transition Update; May 16, 2013

Ron Elmer would take profit away from Wells Fargo, 
which Warren Buffett owns more than 9% of 

How to save $35,122,520 for Greensboro, North Carolina's employees invested in ICMA-RC's 457 retirement plan

Please support Charlotte, North Carolina in saving $22,048,780.40 for their employees invested in ICMA-RC's 457 retirement plan

North Carolina State Budget Act, Chapter 143C

North Carolina State 401(k) replaced index funds with higher cost actively managed accounts in 2013

A Few Observations on Share Classes and Wells Fargo Stable Return Fund