Monday, March 28, 2016

Did the State of North Carolina just eliminate Greensboro's LGBTQ ordinances with HB2?

"(c) The General Assembly declares that the regulation of discriminatory practices in
employment is properly an issue of general, statewide concern, such that this Article and other applicable provisions of the General Statutes supersede and preempt any ordinance, regulation, resolution, or policy adopted or imposed by a unit of local government or other political subdivision of the State that regulates or imposes any requirement upon an employer pertaining to the regulation of discriminatory practices in employment, except such regulations applicable to personnel employed by that body that are not otherwise in conflict with State law."
"Greensboro Approves Historic Protections for Gay and Transgender Citizens and Employees

Greensboro becomes the first North Carolina city to bar discrimination in housing based on sexual orientation and gender identity, joining more than 200 other cities, counties and states across the US.

Greensboro city council members voted unanimously tonight to add historic protections for gay and transgender North Carolinians to the city’s key housing, administrative, and employment non-discrimination policies.

With tonight’s amendments to the Greensboro's Fair Housing Ordinance, the Gate City becomes the first city or county in North Carolina to protect gay and transgender citizens from discrimination in housing. In addition, Greensboro added additional protections against discrimination in the delivery of city programs, services or activities.

...Mayor Nancy Vaughan introduced the motions for the changes with the support of all Council members.

"The city [of Greensboro] has had a long standing policy to not discriminate," said Vaughan.

Greensboro has a long standing culture of bigotry
and race baiting, including actions by mayor Nancy Vaughan

During public comment, Chris Sgro, a Greensboro resident, and executive director of Equality NC, the organization, which helped spearhead the policy updates, said the changes were necessary to help the city protect all Greensboro citizens...

“These ordinances provide a crucial update to city code for the LGBT community, and for fairness in general,” said Sgro.

In a full statement released by Equality NC, the state's leading LGBT advocacy group praised the local action in Greensboro.

Was Nancy Vaughan offered the job with the LGBT community
in exchange for passing the ordinance?

“This historic vote in Greensboro sends a clear signal that gay and transgender citizens, workers and their families should be treated fairly and equally...

By updating their policies tonight, the City of Greensboro has leveled the playing field for citizens of Greensboro who are willing to work hard, earn a living, and provide for themselves and their families -- a model every corner of the state should aspire to achieve and a message we'll continue to make loud and clear in Equality NC's continuing work to pass updates to non-discrimination policies on the state and local level."

Eighteen city and county governments across the state provide some form of employment protections for LGBT workers. Only five other cities — Asheville, Boone, Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Charlotte — also include protections for gender identity or expression."