Friday, March 18, 2016

Greensboro taxpayers have been lied to, again, on who was supposed to pay for the Megasite water and sewer costs

"...Where will the funding coming from for the Construction Phase?

The proposed funding for construction will come from the City and the Golden Leaf Foundation, but this has not been finalized...

Why design and construct the water and sewer utilities now?

Adherence to tight scheduling is critical in meeting site readiness requirements. A project of this magnitude takes approximately two years to design and construct.

...Will there be fire hydrants?

Yes, fire hydrants are currently planned to be installed along the waterlines.

...How long will this project last?

Survey and design is anticipated to last one year, starting in June 2015. Construction of the proposed utilities is expected to begin in summer 2016 and is also anticipated to last one year..."