Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Heritage House Proposed Offers

Here is a link to the City of Greensboro Heritage House Proposed Offers as of March 3, 2016.

Keep in mind that 8 years ago those same units sold new for $50,000 to $70,000 Dollars and remember that the City of Greensboro Code Enforcement and building Inspections departments inspected each and every rental unit annually.

Keep in mind that when crime was lowered inside of Heritage House, someone with the Greensboro Police Department decided to replace the Southern Division Commander and remove the walking patrols from the neighborhood resulting in an immediate spike in crime.

Keep in mind that the City of Greensboro appears to be deliberately hiding the unit by unit 911 calls as I requested in Public Information Request #5442, and has yet to reply to me on reopening the prematurely closed PIRT.

And keep in mind that Mayor Vaughan, Councilman Mike Barber and City Attorney Thomas Carruthers are among those who are receiving my e-mails.