Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Marty Kotis' Zack Matheny payoff for some quid pro quo DGI lobbying and taxpayer incentive money

"City might help

Zack Matheny said Kotis is aiming for the geographic and philosophical heart of downtown revival.

Matheny, president and chief executive officer of Downtown Greensboro Inc., center city’s development group, said that his group and the city should work together to improve lighting and walkways between Kotis’ property and those around Lewis Street.  Kotis said his company might do some of the work and share costs with the city, which would then own the new infrastructure.

Zack Matheny is Marty Kotis' lobbyist

Matheny, a former Greensboro City Council member, said, “I have met with city staff in and around the location talking about how can we bring that connectivity.”

Matheny called last week from San Francisco, where he was attending the International Downtown Association conference.

That the story ran in the News and Record
without any mention of how much of Marty's money made it into Zack's pockets
seems as though our news is intentionally censored,
or our local paper of record is in on skimming from Greensboro's taxpayers,
just as they do for Warren Buffett

He already has picked up a few ideas for Greensboro.
“Walkability is what people want,” Matheny said, “making sure we have connectivity behind that bridge and connect everything.”

"Developer Marty Kotis had hinted at plans for a beer garden, possibly in town, at this time last year. Since then, Triad City Beat broke the news that Kotis intends to open one on the former Carolina Tours property off Federal Place, complete with a restaurant and maybe a speakeasy-type feature. Kotis said the venue might also welcome live music, and in February 2015, he said he’d like to open it that summer or next. Guess it’ll be 2016."