Monday, March 7, 2016

[The International Civil Rights Center &] "Museum owes $57,000 in property tax for 2014, 2015"

"Ben Chavis, director of the county’s tax department, said no one from the museum contacted him since that payment to discuss payment arrangements with him since then.

His office collects property taxes due to both Guilford County and the city of Greensboro.

Museum officials, including executive director John Swaine and board chairwoman Deena Hayes-Greene, didn’t respond to emails and phone calls from the News & Record this week and last month.

...The museum has ...needed infusions of taxpayer money to stay afloat — about $4.8 million in all.

Which helped get Nancy Vaughan and friends re-elected

But in October, Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Jim Westmoreland, Greensboro’s city manager, said they felt better about the museum’s financial outlook.

Which was bullshit,
as October was before the election,
meaning Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Jim Westmoreland
were/are lying liers who lied a lot for short term political gain
instead of acting in the best interests of Greensboro's taxpayers
in violation of Greensboro's charter

...Westmoreland and Vaughan joined the museum’s board of directors as a condition of the Greensboro City Council’s $1.5 million loan to the museum.

Jim and Nancy should have known but chose not to know
to get Nancy re-elected as mayor of Greensboro
and to solidify Jim's job at the top

The city will forgive $1 of the loan for every $1 the museum raised from September 2013 until June 30, 2015.

The first part the forgivable loan is due June 30. The museum must pay $750,000 minus any money it raised during that period.

It’s unclear how much money the museum has raised toward that goal. The museum hasn’t given the city an update on its fundraising total, Westmoreland said last week through a spokesman.

If Westmoreland and Vaughan are on the board
they should know

...The museum recently lost its chief fundraiser, Bay Love, whose departure museum officials confirmed late last month."