Thursday, March 17, 2016

This is so wrong...It's like our City has lost it's mind...with the help of the News and Record for the lack of rational oppositition

Councilmember Not Naming Names But Definitely Kicking

John Hammer; Wednesday, March 16, 2016 11:40 PM

The current City Council constantly touts the need for economic development and to be business friendly.

For Roy Carroll

Mayor Nancy Vaughan says the city needs to have a “say yes” attitude.

For Roy Carroll,
by his boy toy John Hammer

While the city staff at times appears to be doing everything in its power to thwart economic development and make opening and operating a business in Greensboro as difficult as possible.

Roy Carroll bought and paid for all of City Council with campaign contributions 
and the News and Record and especially Jordan Green from Triad City Beat
won't touch Roy's Rhino for fascistic acts meant to line Roy's pockets

City Councilmember Mike Barber has finally had enough and, on Tuesday, March 15, he sent a strongly worded email to Vaughan, his fellow councilmembers and senior city staff.

Which Mike had to have copied Carroll and Hammer on
knowing the likely result of some propaganda supporting Roy's profits,
as it would have taken an actual reporter months to receive 
via an information request

Barber doesn’t name any names in his letter, but he is clear that he wants immediate action concerning at least one member of the city staff.  Barber refused to identify the employee he wrote about.

Roy Carroll has his fist up Mike Barber's ass
and Mike is loving the attention

 Barber’s email states, “We have an individual working for our city that is consistently identified as someone who is inflexible, provides poor customer service, and does not collaborate with colleagues on customer service matters, among other issues.

Think everyone at the executive suite at the City
doesn't know who Mike's talking about in public?

I have brought incidents and issues to the City Mgr and his staff on numerous occasions for months.

So the City manager and his staff knows exactly who Barber's talking about,
and Mike let the public know via Roy's boy

The latest incident was a meeting where multi-million dollar investors in our city were present, and this team member’s name came up as a BARRIER to further investment in our city.

Who were the investors Mike?

Anyone who's given to your campaigns?

I believe the Mayor was in attendance.”

If Mike Barber just leaked an employee complaint,
he just violated North Carolina and most likely federal employment law 
barring retaliation against one of the City's employees
for the benefit of Roy Carroll and Marty Kotis via John Hammer,
by publicly outing a City employee for inhibiting the rape of taxpayer monies
by Barber's campaign contributors

Vaughan said she was in attendance and the incident happened when she was at a retail trade show in Charlotte with developer Marty Kotis talking to people about the advantages of coming to Greensboro.


Vaughan said they were discussing a project underway in Greensboro with an out-of-town developer already involved in the project.


Vaughan said that Barber’s statement was a bit of an exaggeration and what she remembered being said was, “So and so was just being his typical self.”

Vaughan and Barber just set up whomever they were speaking of 
with a solid case of workplace harassment and retaliation with malice,
as they were favoring a campaign contributor 
by making humiliating statements about a City of Greensboro employee
and then openly discussing the situation with Roy's John Hammer

Vaughan added, “I thought it was very enlightening that it happened.”  She said she was surprised that this out-of-town developer knew the name of this particular city employee.

Nancy Vaughan just ruined someone's career

Vaughan would not reveal the name.

Openly overt harassment of a City employee by Nancy Vaughan
who kept a Don Vaughan employee paid off the books in violation of payroll law
with the tacit consent of the News and Record and local law enforcement authorities

Vaughan said it was a personnel issue so she took it up with City Manager Jim Westmoreland.  She said, “I don’t believe in putting something like that in an email and putting it out there to score points.”

However, Vaughan said, “I do think something should happen.”

Nancy Vaughan should resign
for costing the City of Greensboro taxpayers what looks like a lot of settlement money 

Vaughan said, “We need to have a culture of yes that needs to permeate throughout the organization.  People need to understand that we have an obligation to find a solution if possible.”

For Vaughan's campaign contributors Roy Carroll and Marty Kotis

Vaughan added, “By and large I think we have great city employees, but we have one or two in key positions who are problematic.”

Public humiliation and retaliation by Greensboro's mayor

Vaughan said about her conversation with Westmoreland, “What I would hope is that Jim takes this very seriously.  Jim has to be accountable for the decisions he makes or doesn’t make.”

Mayor Vaughan threatening the City manager with retaliation 
if Roy and Marty's demands are not met

It sounds like Barber and Vaughan are on pretty much the same page, with the notable exception that Vaughan isn’t too fond of Barber’s methods.

Barber’s email continues, “Let me be plain, if this employment issue is not addressed immediately, I will ask my colleagues to consider changes at the department head level or higher, until someone acts.  This has already been discussed over the past months.  Please feel the gravity of this action item.”

If Barber was stupid enough to forward the email to Hammer, 
he should resign immediately for violation of personnel procedures 

...Lately, Barber has been the go-to-guy for development issues.

Roy and Marty's Barber on the spot

He has had onsite meetings with Assistant City Manager David Parrish to handle delays that should have never been a issue and that never should have reached the level of having an assistant city manager and a councilmember out walking a construction site trying to solve problems that the city staff created.

What delays specifically?

Barber would not comment on the email other than to say, “People get so caught up in the repercussions of good management that they become bad managers.  They won’t address problems because they know it will be painful.  What they forget is it is a lot more painful to keep someone on the team who doesn’t want to be on the team.”

Personnel procedural violation by Mike Barber

The city staff has said one problem is that they need more people.  Some of those who have to work with the city see things differently and think that the problem is too many employees with too little to do.

...What could be done in a day takes three days, a week or more.

Other cities faced with similar issues have reduced staff and found that with employees busy, instead of looking for work to do, everything ran smoother.

It sounds absurd, but one of the city staff’s solutions to the growing complaints from contractors and developers is to redecorate the area where people go to get permits and plans approved.  Evidently the city staff is under the impression that a smiley face on the wall and a cheerful paint color is going to make getting plans sent back for the third time unapproved easier to swallow.

Roy Carroll is a fascist
and John Hammer is his propaganda arm

The problem the City Council has with the whole issue is that the City Council only has two employees – City Attorney Tom Carruthers and the city manager, Westmoreland.  Since this is not a legal issue, it only involves Westmoreland.  The City Council can order Westmoreland to take action, but the City Council can’t order any other employee in the city do anything.
Don't expect any reaction from the News and Record, Triad Business Journal, Yes Weekly or Triad City Beat...

Whomever the employee is, it's time to lawyer up.

Please contact me for details