Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why did Fidelity investments contribute money to North Carolina Senator and Kingpin Phil Berger on 3/17/2016? For HB2?

McCrory has little leverage now to do the right thing – even if he wanted to. 

That power resides with Senate leader Phil Berger, 
who like many lawmakers only has a conservative district back home to answer to.

Fmr LLC Political Action Committee (Fidelity PAC)

Edward Johnson III   CEO of Fidelity Investments
4 contributions ⋅ $16000 ('94→'02)
Abigail Johnson   Fidelity president
5 contributions ⋅ $15000 ('96→'10)

Fidelity Investments is 100% behind Phil Berger's bigotry,
otherwise why would they give him any money?

John (Jack) F Remondi   CEO, Navient Corp
21 contributions ⋅ $6500 ('00→'07)
Walter C Donovan   Chief Investment Officer and Senior Managing Director, Putnam...
2 contributions ⋅ $3500 ('02→'03)
Robert C Pozen   Former Chairman, MFS Investment Management
4 contributions ⋅ $3500 ('94→'00)

Do you think these folks are going to ask for their money back?

Stephanie Markiewicz   Lobbyist, ATT and Fidelity
14 contributions ⋅ $3500 ('09→'10)

If they don't ask for their money back, 
how can it be construed other than tacit support for Berger's bigotry?

Jeffrey N Vinik   Founder, Vinik Asset Management
2 contributions ⋅ $3000 ('94→'95)

Phil's $1,000 cut;

What other fine political pawns are these Wall Street types funding and why?