Thursday, April 28, 2016

Amanda Lehmert to work for the City of Greensboro?

"Joe Killian, who has been covering the Greensboro City Council for the News & Record the past few years, announced he would no longer be covering the city and that he was being assigned to cover the short session of the General Assembly in Raleigh.

But Killian didn’t say why.

It appears one reason is his wife, Amanda Lehmert, is being hired by the city.   Lehmert was the reporter who covered the city before Killian, and last year she left that job with the News & Record to take a position with RLF Communications.

No one would confirm what her job working for the city was going to be or when she was going to start.

We wish all the best to Lehmert in her new job, but it is going to make it more difficult for the other news organizations in the city to compete, since the News & Record is going to have a former employee and the wife of a reporter on the inside."

Wrote a bigot who writes for the Rhino Times owned by another bigot who funded most of the legislators who voted for bigotry and discrimination for the benefit said bigot who owns the Rhino Times

The Rhino Times will soon be running campaign advertisements for the bigots who voted for the bigotry defended by the bigots at the Rhino Times, so they can get reelected without the News and Record or other media outlets pointing out where the money came from