Friday, April 8, 2016

Fec; "As we accelerate into dystopia with the advent of more legislative nightmares like HB2, the trick to maintaining sanity lies in the ability to maintain the illusion of control of your circumstances."

"...Only a fool relies on the possibility that pleas of unfairness will be effective...

...Forget about the poor.  They have long ago abandoned hope and accepted their plight.  I talk to them everyday and they remain kind.  It is those newly accustomed to these conditions who show signs of suffering.  The welfare class is maintained at subsistence level and the wage class has recently joined it.

A salary worker/union relatively highly paid employee loses a job, 
get's another paying half as much, 
gets pinched on taxes from the 401k plan loan that came due upon the layoff,
pulls money out of the 401k rollover IRA to pay the taxes,
and even more to keep up appearances, and then runs out of the extra income

What we are witnessing now is the disintegration of the salary class.  ...They are horrified that the inexorable pull of deflation has reached them.  They’d done everything right.  They were brilliant and beautiful.  God had always smiled upon them.

Until the money ran out on top of the credit card limits
and the home equity line of credit maxed

...A lot of really nice people are in great distress that is not their fault.  That is hard to enjoy.  So is the torture of watching children robbed of a future...

'We' sacrificed our children's future for a few more years of pleasant faux prosperity,
after which they will inherit the debt payments of our profligacy

What has happened to God?

...few things remove the illusion of control like debt.

...inverted totalitarianism ensures the welfare and wage classes self-medicate and remain relatively placid, these captains of industry, with killer instincts, will quickly become actual killers.  If one of them cuts you off in an Escalade, they are probably better fed, more fit, smarter and more desperate than you.  When this crowd of disaffected professionals gets started, it is going to be something to see...

These are those who look to local purchased elected officials 
to bail them out of their misery with some of everyone else's money
with the help of 'opinion' leaders like the News and Record's Allen Johnson
and the Rhino's John Hammer, 
who wax poetic or completely ignore elite level theft upon our community

...These people are already savages.  Their class defines them as ruthless.  Do not fear the dirty, unwashed hordes.  Your attorney is going to turn you into BBQ.

Henry and Desmond among others

Let's not forget the fine folks who got Justin Outling elected
who are banking taxpayer dollars from City legal work

...The terrible highway from entitlement to abandoning hope transits a similar torture of the soul to the point of madness.  To whom can they appeal?  The terror the salary class inflicted upon the wage class has been a raging success.  The brightest minds in the professional class have optimized commerce so that profit has been extinguished and we burn the fuel of credit.  They may have noticed over the years that the oligarchs are not especially interested in their plight.

HB2 made it easier to keep poor people poor and rich people more wealthy, 
and our for profit press can't seem to figure out how to tell the truth to their audiences 

Whereas the wage class were denied the opportunity to work, the salary class are positioned to wreak havoc on the system and will do great harm before they are heard...

...Bait that bully on Facebook and watch him detonate.

...A bully can literally be led around by the nose.

It is the well-meaning professionals who constructed the previously existing bulwark of discrimination protections.  HB2 rips out all that wiring and returns the state to a free market economy in its worst sense.

...A state known for its progressive protections suddenly becomes Alabama.

Institutionalized poverty for the benefit of wealthy campaign contributors
for a majority of North Carolina's population.

And who did it?

Pat McCrory, John Faircloth, Trudy Wade, John Blust, 
Dan Forest, Phil Berger and Jon Hardister to name a few

The fascist GOP members of the legislature are not members of the salary class.  They’re members of the wage class who fought their way to power.  It is these very professionals whom they have envied all their lives and are intent on reducing.  This is nothing short of a class war, with the LGBTQ community as collateral damage.  Neoliberal corporatism privatizes the universities whence they come.  The fascist GOP may not want a state made up of serfs, but they’re hell-bent on fewer doctors and lawyers.

Banning legal action via state courts for employment discrimination
appears to be a weapon to put a lot of lawyers out of work
and bring back slave like manufacturing labor conditions to North Carolina
for the benefit of the donors who funded those who voted for HB2

...The most entertaining things I will ever see in my life are those moments when these entitled bullies finally abandon hope.  They will fall farther than any group since the French Revolution.  It is bound to be violent, but understanding what is happening is always a good defense because you can see what is coming.

Don't be surprised if a trans takes out a legislator
after getting the shit kicked out of him/her for going to the legally appropriate bathroom

...There is no Santa Claus.

...I derive great enjoyment in torturing people whom I’ve deemed deserving.  My greatest fault is arrogance in making those distinctions.

Just like the NCGA, I’ve ripped out all the filters.

...Just say that my particular pathology is understood by mental health professionals.

Control is the absence of narcissism and materialism.

The illusion of control is Nirvana.

...For awhile I referred to myself as an insurgent, when I am most certainly a terrorist.

...there is one in your midst who understands, loves you and would be a terrifying warrior on your behalf.

...You can be terrified or terrifying.  I made that decision under the desk in 1965.

...the global war against the oligarchs will be waged by desperate functionaries: the essential personnel in a privatized neglected infrastructure.

One of the aspects of the decline of a great society is it takes awhile.  The Harris Teeters aren’t gonna close tomorrow, but neither will they see it coming.  Entitlement is a drug.  It does not recognize reality, but manufactures the illusion of control and is very strong.

...Once you cross that Rubicon of belief, your country becomes the enemy, and you an insurgent.

...It also frightens the people who know me.

Same here

Those possessing the illusion of control frighten others.

You must be crazy because they certainly are.  The difference is they are hypnotized by the noise, whereas you look for patterns and themes.  Whereas they are afraid of the truth, you seek it out, no matter how bad, because knowledge increases control.

And attachment is suffering, which knowledge retards

Illusions in general are crashing all around and being replaced by bewilderment.  Reality will soon be too much for anyone but the truly mad like me.

Illusions will be manufactured to pretend control until madness sets in.

Once illusions are abandoned, then the business of gaining actual control begins."

One of two outcomes will occur

We will be better off for our actions
or worse for the lack thereof as the parasites envelop their host

Never give up