Monday, April 4, 2016

HB2, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

For starters, HB2 (Link to actual law as passed)  is a Civil Law and not Criminal Law. What that means is that if you catch someone breaking the law and you are in-fact the injured party then you have the legal right to sue that person. If you know that person's name. What you cannot do is take out criminal charges against the violator of HB2 and have him or her put in jail. You can call the cops but there is a very good chance the police will tell you that since it is a civil matter the problem is out of their hands. And even if the police do come the most they can legally do is tell the person to leave the restroom. Which the person probably planned on doing soon anyway.

This is a classic case of what Conservatives have long complained of passing new laws when what was really needed is better enforcement of the laws that are already on the books. After all, it's already against the law to be a sexual predator.

Here's another thing they didn't tell you about HB2: While it is true that Private Clubs are not subject to HB2, businesses with restrooms that are open to the public such as restaurants, bars and retail establishments, are subject to HB2. So even if you own a restaurant that is LGBT friendly the law still applies to you.

"Whereas, the General Assembly finds that laws and obligations consistent statewide for all businesses, organizations, and employers doing business in the State benefit the businesses,organizations, and employers seeking to do business in the State and attracts new businesses,"

In other words, North Carolina voters have again been tricked by those persons they elected to office. Now that's ugly.

HB2 prohibits Cities and Counties from establishing their own minimum wage levels. Some of my readers will think that good, others bad.

Of course you've already heard the stories of the many companies who say they will no longer do business in or with North Carolina. That's bad. If they really follow through on it things will get ugly for our state's economy which is bad to begin with.

Then there's Angel Carey who was suing her employer on claims of disability and age discrimination until she found out Thursday that HB2 means discrimination lawsuits like hers can no longer go to state court. Now she must start all over again and go through Federal Court, a lengthier and more expensive process. That's bad.

“It remains the public policy on the books that North Carolina prohibits discrimination in the workplace,” said Laura Noble, her employment attorney. “But now we have no enforcement mechanism in our state.”

Going through the federal process extends the suit, perhaps by years, plus the plaintiff can’t recover damages for pain and suffering, Noble said."

And last but not least, the good news that HB2 brought us. From Carolina Under Siege: It appears that  Broadway composer Stephen Schwartz, best known his hit musicals such as “Godspell,” “Pippin” and “Wicked.” has decided that none of his creations will be allowed to play anywhere in North Carolina including the soon to be constructed Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts. Or as Fec prefers to call it, the I've Got Mine Fuck You Performing Arts Center:

 "How deliciously delightful.  First, we were mocked by a NYC architect and now we are shamed.  This will, of course, be a terrible shock for the sycophantic whores in our arts community, who cling to their corrupt patrons like starving orphans, rather than accuse, mock and shame them as has been properly done by their betters."

I guess it's really true, every cloud does have it's silver lining. That's good! That is, unless you happen to be Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan and the Greensboro City Council who voted to build the il fated performing arts center under the guise that it would be great for economic development for our entire city despite the fact that every measurable metric indicated otherwise. In that case I guess HB2 is still ugly.

You see, folks, no matter which side of the issue you stand on it's really about truth and who you get in bed with. And as long as you are willing to get in bed you are going to get screwed like it or not. And when you get in bed with a political party you end up having an orgy.

It's time you learned to make better choices before you end up catching something for which there is no cure.