Monday, April 4, 2016

Is Blue Cross and Shield of NC going to ask for their $5,100 back from HB2 enabler/bigot Senate Pro Tem Phil Berger?
"...the new law also introduces restrictions on the minimum wage in North Carolina and legal actions available to people who believe they’ve been discriminated at work.

Nationally, women, black people and other racial minorities disproportionately hold minimum-wage jobs...

HB2 limits the rights of North Carolinians to file workplace discrimination complaints under state law. For the past 30 years, a North Carolina law has allowed workers to sue their employers over “wrongful discharge in violation of public policy.” It appears HB2 eliminates that.

The rights of workers are still protected under federal law. But critics say the federal process takes longer and is more expensive and more restrictive on damages an employee may recover. The federal law also has a shorter filing window.

...the broader implications of the bill on women, racial minorities and people with disabilities wasn’t clear during last week’s special legislative session."