Sunday, April 24, 2016

News and Record quoting Greensboro mayor Nancy Vaughan without mentioning who she works for

"...Greensboro, which has dubbed itself “Tournament Town” after its rich history of hosting ACC basketball tournaments, may find it harder to secure those events.

Is Nancy going to keep taking money from Roy Carroll, Marty Kotis 
and the Koury Clan, who all supported HB2 with campaign contributions?

“Things we’re bidding on now, especially for things like NCAA tournaments, these are things that are being planned two or four years into the future,” Mayor Nancy Vaughan said. “So if we’re taken off the list because of HB 2, we’re going to feel the ripple effects for years to come.”

Is anyone going to criticize Greensboro City Council members
who take legal bribes from the same folks who financially supported HB2?

“It’s amazing that now you have Great Britain putting out a travel advisory to the state of North Carolina,” Vaughan said. “Not only are we having trouble nationally, now we’re going global.”

Are they going to have their signs on Marty and Roy's properties?

Are their faces going to show up on their billboards?

It's not a question of are they hypocrites because they didn't give the money back, 
it's a question of how hypocritical they actually are if they keep taking money from bigots