Sunday, April 10, 2016

This is what Blust, Faircloth, Berger, Hardister and Wade voted for;

"HB2 abolishes only wrongful termination claims in North Carolina courts that are based on protected classes named in the state Equal Employment Practices Act of 1977: race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex or handicap. Employees can still successfully sue in state court if employers fire them for refusing to commit perjury or otherwise break the law; for filing worker’s compensation claims; for complaining about their wages; or on other legal grounds not covered by EEPA.

...HB2 eliminates the ability of someone wrongfully fired to sue in state court under EEPA."
You can now be fired for being a member of the 'wrong' religion etc... and can't take it to a North Carolina State Court.

If you take it to Federal Court, can be counter sued for attorney fees, court and other costs.

Is that not correct attorney John Blust?

Is it now easier to get rid of older, higher paid employees John?

Is it easier to rid businesses of newly pregnant women, or those who become handicaped?

Isn't the transgender bit really more of a sideshow relative to the rights John, John, Jon, Phil and Trudy voted to remove, which Tony voted to support?