Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Who are the bigots who haven't asked for their political contributions back from Tony Wilkins?

Randolph County Megasite Real Estate Agent Sam Simpson hasn't yet;

Tony Wilkins' payoff for Sam Simpson's Megasite take

Meaning Sam Simpson is a bigot as well?

Why else would Sam continue to support political bigotry?

Does Sam Simpson, brother of golf's Web Simpson support HB2?

Is Web Simpson a bigot too?

Do Sam, Web and Tony believe North Carolina employers are better off being able to easily fire women if they get pregnant to keep company health insurance costs down?

Are Sam, Web and Tony for girls who look like guys getting harassed in women's bathrooms?
Tony Wilkins isn't a 'conservative'

Tony Wilkins is for sale, just like the rest of Greensboro's City Council

If Sam Simpson doesn't ask for his money back, Sam Simpson is just as much of a bigot as Tony Wilkins is.