Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A couple reasons Why the Federal Reserve and other central banks won't let financial markets falter and some recent chart and pic porn

"...About 46% of adults who responded to the Fed’s survey said they could not cover an emergency expense of $400 without selling something or borrowing money.

A $400 buffer for about 46% = A cliff ledge walking economy

...About 22% of those who responded to the survey said they had a major unexpected medical expense for which they had to pay for out of pocket within the last year. The average cost of those expenses was between $2,000 and $3,000. And other respondents said they skipped medical procedures and visits because they could not afford to pay for them.

The health care industry is bankrupting America's mid to lower classes

About 20% said they didn’t get dental care in the last year because they were unable to afford it, 12% went without seeing a doctor, 11% went without prescription medicine, 9% didn’t see a specialist, 7% skipped follow-up care and 5% didn’t get mental health care or counseling.

...About 31% of non-retired adults have no retirement savings or pension at all

Both R's and D's current and past 
are responsible for bankrupting Social Security and Medicare

...About 14% of adults who are not retired, but employed, and are 60 or older had no retirement savings at all..."


"Stocks of finished goods fell deeper into contraction to the lowest since November 2009"