Friday, May 20, 2016

An email sent to the News and Record's Marquita Brown and Steven Doyle on Say Yes to Education and Say Yes Guilford

Good morning,

As I left a message on Marquita's voicemail, how much money is Say Yes targeting to pay out for next year?

If 3,500 students qualify, how much is going to go to each student?

How much money does Say Yes Guilford have on hand to fund the scholarships?

As the number should about double in year two, how much does Say Yes have set aside?

As the number should about double again over the next two years, how is Say Yes going to pay for it?

If 3,500 kids get $1,000 each, it will cost $3,500,000.

Times four is $14 million per year.

They don't even have the $35 million they say they have 'pledged' in hand.

How is it sustainable?

Simple unanswered questions which haven't been answered for months.
Most Guilford high school seniors apply for Say Yes scholarships