Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"Break the medical monopolies"

"...using existing US anti-trust law.

Jail ...doctors, pharmaceutical company executives and hospital administrators... that engage in practices that are facially in violation of existing US federal and state consumer-protection laws...

FYI - yesterday I found out from the hospital 
that the OB costs we will be billed for our child due in August 
are expected to be 50% higher than they were for our last child born in December 2014. 

Low risk, no complications in both cases. $3,000 to $4,500.


If the Federal government won't act there is nothing prohibiting Governors from doing so; they, as the head of the executive in the several states, could start issuing indictments under consumer protection laws that prohibit gouging, discriminatory pricing, delivering goods and services without a quote or exceeding quoted prices and similar, none of which contain a statutory exception for health care that I have been able to find.

After the first handful of indictments are handed up all of this crap will stop immediately, as exactly zero of these people are willing to go to prison.

That will collapse the cost of care, including drugs, in a dramatic fashion.

Best estimates are that on a blended basis the cost of care would plummet by as much as 80-85%!

Yet exactly nobody in the political environment, left, right, Trump, Hillary, Sanders or for that matter any of the third party candidates is advancing this position.  Exactly zero sitting Congresspeople are advocating it.  Exactly zero mainstream media outlets are debating it.

pitchforks and torches for the bankers and the medical monopoly


And a number statistically identical to zero of the citizens of this nation, who make possible the very existence of all of the above, are demanding same and willing to back that demand with a cessation of work and mass-protests until it occurs.

Yet if this is not done it is an arithmetical certainty that we will attempt to spend nearly all of the Federal Budget on Medicare and Medicaid within 10 years.  This will never happen because it can't, and long before then (likely around the 50% ratio which will breach in about five years at present rates) the federal government's funding model and thus the political system will collapse. Obviously, what collapses at the same time is the economy and probably the reasonably-peaceful social order of the nation.

...Obamacare has only amounted to forced participation in an economic extraction and extortion scheme guaranteed to collapse not only itself but also the government and economy in general."