Thursday, May 5, 2016

Business Journal's lipstick on a pig; "Mass layoffs in North Carolina slow down in April"; 7,041 masked April layoffs

"While April pink slip totals impacted more workers than in years past, it’s a decline from how 2016 has been tracking when it comes to overall North Carolina layoffs.

As of Monday morning, a total of 37 notices resulting in 7,041 layoffs had been reported to the state.

7,041 layoffs in North Carolina in April, 2016

...the monthly layoffs are at its lowest through four months this year.

April layoffs, as reported to the North Carolina Department of Commerce

▪ITG Brands, LLC, Greensboro: 375 impacted positions...

It’s an uptick from the 503 layoffs reported in April 2015.

Mass layoffs in North Carolina slow down in April,
but about 14 times more than 2015 which our local 'business journal' 
didn't inform it's readers of in plane english
meaning this is a shitty article produced by one of the establishment's propaganda arms
which is misleading the population about how our economy is tanking

...And it’s an increase over the numbers reported to the state in April 2014, when layoffs were estimated to impact 681 employees

Mass layoffs in North Carolina slow down in April,
more than 10 times April 2014, or 1,000%

Not all layoffs are disclosed to the state, however.

...While certain layoffs must be reported to the N.C. Commerce Department, others can fall through the regulatory cracks.

...if the pink slips trickle out just underneath that 500 minimum, they could go unreported to the state.

Lauren K. Ohnesorge
Staff Writer, Triangle Business Journal
This isn't journalism