Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dear Triad City Beat's Eric Ginsburg

After reading "The mogul and the maverick: Ryan Saunders joins Kotis team",  and knowing Marty Kotis serves on the UNC Board of Governess, and Marty just had a fundraiser at one of his restaurants for HB2 supporter John Blust, and has contributed to HB2 supporters Tony Wilkins, Trudy Wade, Phil Berger, Pat McCrory and many others, did Eric bother to find out where Marty stands on HB2 while Ginsburg was doing a fluff piece for Marty who probably spends ad money in Triad City Beat.

Talk about complete sellouts, Brian, Jordan and Eric sitting in a taxpayer subsidized Nussbuam Center, doing PR propaganda bullshit for Marty who pays them for it, and who gets government handouts as Triad City Beat censors the news about discrimination they say they abhor and report Zack Matheny's lobbying talking points to survive.

Never thought I would see such cowardice in action by what these guys claim is a liberal progressive viewpoint.  Marty can fire his employees much more easily now thanks to the legislation he supported, and is taking jobs and revenues from other businesses with their own tax money, and Eric, Jordan and Brian don't have a problem with one of the central figures of what they have been writing against for weeks.

Hypocrites all.