Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan doesn't know she's incompetent

People like Nancy Vaughan, used by friends, acquaintances and donors for preferential treatment from the City of Greensboro, don't really know how they are being manipulated.

Appointing Andy Zimmerman and John Lomax to DGI's board.  Handing money and property to Roy Carroll and Marty Kotis.  Letting Mike Barber profit from Greensboro taxpayer owned Gillespie Golf course via First Tee of the Triad.  Buying in to Jim Melvin, David Powell and Sam Simpson's Randolph Megasite.

Nancy has proved to be a very useful pawn for some local parasites who have infected our city with the plague of crony capitalist fascism.  What's amazing is how Tony Wilkins let's it happen without much of a peep.  He's so in on it, like the rest of council, I guess they just can't turn back, and they probably don't even know how crooked they have become.