Friday, November 3, 2017

Greensboro's danger is the connected politicians, elites, and media pundits who enable, run and pilfer our city

Greensboro's moral edifice is crumbling.  North Carolina and Greensboro's leadership and sold-out press have made a joke of our community and state.  They perverted and rotted our economy from within.  Our elected leaders have lined their donors' pockets in exchange for campaign donations and signs on commercial properties and billboards.

These 'leaders' and their financial backers have ignored the travails of the average income citizen.  We want good paying jobs back, as Roy Carroll, Marty Kotis and the Koury's among others at the top of our local food chain effectively opposed living wages and basic worker rights via purchased state legislators and crooked, crony backed legislation.  Think about how much more money Marty and friends can make by more easily firing newly pregnant restaurant servers and hotel house keepers.  Just on insurance premiums, these fine folks living off the rest of us who hire and pay low wages to those, who if they say anything about it are immediately fired without any governmental intervention.  Many used to call it slavery.  Now it's the same thing, without the stigma as it has become something of a national pastime for the 1%.

The punditocracy of the News and Record, the Triad Business Journal and the Rhino Times on multiple sides of the spectrum are in on the theft of taxpayer monies for paying clients through ever larger local handouts financed by unsustainable municiple debt.  Nancy Vaughan, Robbie Perkins, Zack Matheny, Sam Simpson, Jim Melvin, Nancy Hoffmann, Mike Barber, Tony Wilkins, John Lomax, etc..., representing both sides of the same political parties, poisoned the discourse and halted transparency they so hailed with platitudes when running for office.

Both sides, if there really are any, insisted on not addressing the root causes of local economic dissatisfaction and lack of good paying jobs for our relatively poorly educated workforce.  Andrew Brod, one of the worst offenders of all, was there to placate the masses with his bullshit healthcare economic orthodoxies swallowed whole by those in the academic, publishing, and media ecospheres, making his friends in the medical and legal professions even more than they otherwise would have.

Greensboro's major property owners have an authoritarian mentality when considering those who fall below the median income level and are distressed and insecure, while most of the country club crowd are prosperous but vexed as most don't even know what is actually happening behind the curtains while they feed on a rotting corpse of an economy.

Our oligarchs have incrementally yet comprehensively seized most local economic and political power for themselves via Greensboro's City Council and Guilford County's Commissioners. They have perverted our media and even such basics of the democratic process as voting and accountability in elections, which are rigged for the in crowd by drawing lines determining voting outcomes.  These are the same folks who collaborated to engineer a revolution of economic decline for the average working person in Greensboro by outsourcing our manufacturing jobs, which has now reached unbearable proportions as layoffs spike and the media doesn't let their readers understand what is actually happening.

The stock market may look like it's doing well, and unemployment may theoretically or statistically be low with the help of bullshit artist mathematicians like those touting bogus estimates of economic impact, but people can’t afford housing and food, they can’t pay back student loans and other debts.

Many lives in East Greensboro are full of such misery that they don't even pay attention to who the villains actually are.  See a picture of Skip Alston or Jim Kee for context.

There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Nancy Vaughan, Robbie Perkins, William Barber, John Blust, Tony Wilkins, Justin Outling, Phil Berger etc...

The game for the elites needs to end.  Our puppets and their masters are in a cataclysmic state of panic, they don’t know whether to look right or left, they have no idea what to do as they have no idea how to put Humpty Dumpty together again after they lined their pockets with the proceeds of the fall.

We, the citizens, don’t need to get our hands dirty with implementing checks and balances,  Jim Westmoreland and staff at the City do it on our behalf and expense.  With the help of City Finance Director Rick Lusk and Budget Director Larry Davis, Greensboro just borrowed about $55 million and now our esteemed City Council is talking about a bond referendum when there was none for all just borrowed.

Now we are told by the press that 'fees' and 'utilities' are going to rise but there won't be a property tax increase.  But the money just borrowed will be paid for by the poorest among us as the biggest property owners like Koury make money from more heads on beds without having to pay for it.  The fees for basic services are being swapped out for capital improvements for our overlords profits.

Our leaders do not speak the truth but mumbo-jumbo.  They are in the pockets of those who actually rule and plunder the unknowing in our community.  Both need to be cut off at the knees if we are going to get some job growth.  They have crippled us with their greed.

Time to fight back.