Monday, May 16, 2016

Housing Shortage: Maybe, Maybe Not?

In an article titled Crash and yearn: Guilford housing market has 'shortage of inventory' Richard Barron writes:
“It is very demanding right now,” said Marks, who works for Remax of Greensboro. “We have a lot of people coming into the market and there’s a shortage of inventory for the first time in a very, very long time.”

With “boomerang buyers” returning to the market and veterans back from deployment, competition for the best houses below $200,000 is tough."

Or maybe the problem isn't that there is a shortage of inventory but in-fact a shortage of real estate sales people who are willing to sell less expensive homes and a Berkshire Hathaway owned  newspaper all too ready to report a lie that perpetuates the stranglehold its very own real estate division, Berkshire Hathaway Reality, already has on the lower priced housing market locally.

For example: you almost never see a REMAX of Greensboro sign in front of homes located in Greensboro's blue collar working class neighborhoods but the streets in those same neighborhoods are lined with Berkshire Hathaway Reality signs.

Wonder why that is?

And how long before Greensboro and Guilford County start giving incentives to developers to increase the local housing market and spur economic development while other communities continue to empty out?