Tuesday, May 3, 2016

North Carolina District 59 Republican State Representative Jon Hardister may be transgender/transtesticle


Representative Jon Hardister appears to have a feminine/effeminate appearance

Jon may be a girl dressed as a guy, and may be in violation of North Carolina law when he uses men's bathrooms, lockers and showers

Hardister may have been a girl who became a guy

Jon may also be a guy who may want to be a boy, who is still a girl 

To be fair, the public needs to see Jon Hardister's genitalia and birth certificate

Affidavits from Jon's parents and significant other should also be forthcoming, as well as from Jon's friends who have seen his junk within the last 12 months

Jon may also be homogeneous 

According to North Carolina state law, if Jon is a girl, he must use the women's facilities at North Carolina's legislature

Call the genitalia police if you see Representative Hardister anywhere near a public restroom

If necessary, prevent Jon from using the men's restroom until this issue has been resolved

If anyone has any knowledge or inkling that Jon physically became a woman after being a man and is using men's restrooms, contact your legislative representative to file a report, as his actions are illegal under state law

If Jon physically became a man after being a woman and is using women's restrooms, ask for proof of biological sex identification at the point of bodily excretion

North Carolina's children are not safe until their parents/grandparents who don't bother taking their own children/grandchildren into public bathrooms know the truth about Jon Hardister and all the other sexually ambiguous looking state legislators actual organs

Here's who has given money to what could be a pretty seriously sicko State Rep;

Seems like these folks have no idea what kind or person Jon Hardister really is

Where is the press? And why does HB2 include no criminal penalties? Was it to prevent Jon from going to jail?