Monday, May 2, 2016

Roy Carroll, John Hammer, Jon Hardister, John Faircloth, John Blust and Trudy Wade confirm they are bigots

As "More HB2 Misrepresentations", by Roy Carroll's Rhino Times states, what the News and Record is saying in "Our Opinion: Find the way out", our local state legislators are saying isn't true. We have elected bigots to represent us.

The saddest part of this whole affair other than lost jobs is the News and Record and other 'mainstream paper's overtly purposeful inability to call out those business leaders supporting the economic decimation of our state. Roy Carroll and other funders of these elected officials are advocating bigotry, discrimination and fewer worker rights in North Carolina, and the news industry isn't pointing out who the real villains actually are behind the curtain.

Consumers who could be objecting with their wallets are being prevented from the opportunity to do so.  Marty Kotis just hosted a John Blust fundraiser at one of his restaurants.  He supports Phil Berger and the rest of our local delegation.  He serves on the UNC Board of Directors as an R.  Marty supports HB2 and is going to make more money from it by being able to fire pregnant women etc... and no one seems to want to point it out.

Our community can't get this fixed unless more than a few actually know what's going on.