Friday, May 6, 2016

Something is very wrong with Zack Matheny's DGI proposal, which just won approval by the City of Greensboro

On May 4, 2016, the City of Greensboro approved the selection of DGI's proposal as "the sole Vendor of Choice" to manage downtown with City of Greensboro taxpayer monies;

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From the Request for Proposals;

Says the budget is to be $600,000, and "Activities proposed in excess of the program budget will not be accepted;

The budget is $600,000;

If 80% of the total budget is supposed to go to "program expenditures", only 20% is supposed to go to "Administrative and Maintenance Operations"; 

From Zack Matheny's DGI proposal submitted to the City, which David Parrish is said to be directly involved in the selection process.  Note Nick Piornack, who was in on Revolution Mill's incentive take and the South Elm parking lot loss etc...;

Zack's references, which includes David Parrish, the Greensboro Assistant City Manager involved in the selection process for the RFP = Conflict of Interest;

Zack's proposed budget is more than $600,000;

$81,157 + $84,805 = $165,962 for Admin and Maintenance, is supposed to cover all the employees salaries and rent etc...?

David Parrish and Jim Westmoreland have some questions which need answering.

Why was the proposal accepted if it was more than $600,000?

How is DGI going to be able to pay all it's ongoing overhead with $165,962?