Thursday, May 19, 2016

Vanguard's John Bogle on the utter stupidity of Tony Wilkins, Nancy's Vaughan and Hoffmann, Jamal Fox, Mike Barber, Sharon Hightower, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Connie Hammond, Yvonne Johnson, Larry Davis, Rick Lusk and Jim Westmoreland, considering how they betrayed City of Greensboro employees

"Let's assume the stock market gives a 7% return over 50 years. If you get to 7%, each $1 goes up to $30.

If you get to 5% (that would be 7% less the industry's typical 2% all-in costs), you get $10," Bogle recently said in an interview.

"So $10 versus $30

So if some may be thinking our local government knows what it's doing, 
I beg to differ

You put up 100% of the capital, you took 100% of the risk, and you got 33% of the return! As I say to people, if that strikes you as a good deal, by all means do it!"
Please help save $35,122,520 for City of Greensboro employees