Sunday, May 1, 2016

"What a $100 million [$195,200,000] bond proposal looks like in Greensboro"

Summary Spreadsheet;

Guess who gets monies from;

Land Acquistion for Housing Development 6,000,000
Land acquisition, blighted property demo and site prep/infrastructure 7,000,000
DOWNTOWN STREET IMPROVEMENTS; Streetscape and Streetlight Improvements 20,000,000
Downtown Greenway Phase 4 (including Ole Asheboro connector) 6,000,000
A&Y Greenway 7,000,000
Windsor/Chavis Joint Facility 8,500,000
Community Recreation Center Improvements 12,200,000
Battleground Parks District Initial Development 10,000,000
Bryan Park North Development 500,000
South Em Redevelopment (Union Square) 5,000,000
All based on false 'economic growth' assumptions espoused by the City's compromised financial leaders

Doesn't take into account the property tax hit from Lorillard shutting down.

Doesn't plan for a recession

We could just let them bankrupt the City after Council's 'contributor' class of parasites walks with the profits